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Debt Management Vs. Debt Settlement

You Don't Have To Pay For A Settlement!

What Debt Settlement firms don't want you to know is that YOU CAN SETTLE YOUR ACCOUNTS ON YOUR OWN with some very simple guidance. Debt Settlement firms sign you up for a program with an agreed upon monthly payment that THEY POCKET for the first several months FOR DOING NOTHING!! Understand that no settlement negotiations can begin until the accounts are already CHARGED OFF. By retaining your first several payments it immediatley starts the process of putting the accounts into the delinquency stage. The Settlement firms send out "Cease and Desist" letters to your creditors alerting them to the fact that you have chosen a settlement program. Once these steps have been taken the damage is already done.

If you have high rates and are current or slightly behind WHAT YOU NEED IS A DEBT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. However, if your accounts are severely delinquent and already Charged Off and you really wanted a Settlement, we could instruct you how to do it yourself WITHOUT wasting thousands of dollars paying a settlement firm. YOU CAN DEPOSIT THE MONTHLY PAYMENTS INTO YOUR OWN BANK ACCOUNT and use those funds to settle the accounts YOURSELF.

  • A Settlement Is Reported As An R-9 or I-9 (CHARGE OFF)
  • You May Face Wage Garnishment
  • You May Face Legal Action
  • A Settlement Prolongs The Time The R-9 Or I-9 Remains On Your Credit Report
  • You Will Be Taxed On Any Amount You Were Relieved Of
  • You Will Deal With Creditor Harrassment

To maintain your credit ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID IN FULL. Any amount relieved through a Settlement is reported as a CHARGE OFF and any amount over $600 is taxable income. Settlements are NEVER for consumers that want to maintain their credit. Call us at 1-800-810-5250 before choosing a Settlement Program, we can educate you on the realities of Settlement and it's many drawbacks.

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