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Our Written Gaurantee

Accelerated does not require any monthly payments or fees to be paid before we begin the proposal process for your Debt Management Program. To begin the process we just need your signed authorization form that is provided with our client agreement, your account numbers for those accounts that you are including in the program and several other pieces of pertinent information required by your creditors for processing.

In most cases we will have your accounts accepted before your first payment is due. The majority of proposals to the larger national creditors are processed electronically and are normally completed in 2 to 7 days. Some of the proposals to smaller creditors that do not have electronic processing capability can take a little longer.

You will receive written notification of acceptance into the Debt Management Program from both Accelerated and from each of your creditors individually after your proposals are accepted. You can also call your creditors to verify that you have been accepted before making your first payment in the program.

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