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How your payment is Calculated…

Every day at Accelerated, Inc. after we quote payments to our prospective clients they say that they want to look around for a lower payment, There is no such thing! The monthly payments that we quote are established by the creditors and they do not change from one debt management company to another.

If you call around to enough debt management companies you will find lowballing consolidators that will quote a lower payment to entice you to become a customer. All of the monthly payments that the major creditors offer are already established and may be slightly lower than what you pay now because in January of 2006 minimum payments were raised under Federal guidelines. Interest rates are lowered through the program allowing you to pay off the accounts over a much shorter period.

Below is a typical example of a monthly payment broken down by individual creditor.

Direct Merchants-Balance $10,000 X 2.25% = $225, interest reduced to 9%
Bank One Visa-Balance $5000 X 2% = $100, interest reduced to 6%
Citibank-Balance $5000 X 2.3% = $115, interest reduced to 9.9%
Chase-Balance $5000 X 2% = $100, interest reduced to 6%
Bank of America-Balance $10,000 X 1.8% = $180, interest reduced to between 0 and 15.9%

Total = $720 Minimum Required Monthly Payment

With the assortment of creditors above and the balances that this hypothetical client would have the absolute minimum payment is $720.

At Accelerated, Inc. we quote you the minimum payment required by your creditors. If you wish to make larger payments you can do so and we encourage this. Keep in mind that you cannot get a lower payment by calling another debt management company. If another company quotes you a lower payment they are lowballing the payment to entice you to become a customer and will send you what is known as a bump up letter in your second month as a client. Avoid all of that and call us at 1-800-810-5250 or just submit our Free Quote Form and one of our debt reduction professionals will contact you.

The chart on our Payoff Calculator page lists the minimum required percentage of your balances for these creditors. This chart also lists the reduced rates offered by these companies for debt management programs. You can use the Payoff Calculator to calculate the savings that are possible under our debt management plan for your unique situation.

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